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ISayHello Communicator Pro

3.6 usd

With the iSayHello Communicator and Translator you can talk to your friends in their language, translate words and sentences which are recited by our cute little monsters and send the translation via email and message. On your vacation the offline travel dictionary with perfect speech pronunciation can help you in any situations. The app at a glance:
1. iSayHello Communicator features:
- Simultaneous voice communication in two languages – online translation tool - Translates words, phrases and simple sentences into more than 50 languages- Voice recognition for 29 languages and dialects– Send translations by mail, SMS or Twitter.- Post texts on Facebook
2. iSayHello Travel Dictionary features:
- Offline and thus independently usable - 11 lessons with the most important phrases for holidays or travel.- All texts are spoken by native speakers and can be played back directly.- The most popular and common phrases can be saved using the Favorites function – by using the Play function, the dictionary can also be used as a language course.
iSayHello provides language knowledge in 11 clearly laid-out themes:
+ Daily life+ Arrival/Customs+ Greetings+ Smalltalk+ Hotel/Money+ Shopping+ Food & Drink+ Flirt+ Emergencies+ Numbers+ Football
Offline travel dictionary, available languages:
Spanish, Italian, English (UK), English (US), French, Portuguese (EU), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Bavarian.
iSayHello Communicator voice recognition, available languages:
English (US), English (UK), Australian English, Spanish (US), Spanish (EU), Spanish (Catalan), Chinese, Hong Kong Cantonese, Taiwanese Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Canadian English, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (EU), Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, French (Canadian), Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, German, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arabic